Dr.Terrace Waterproofing is known for Heat proof which also called as “Terrace Cool Coating” since 1998, We have large size of team which consists energetic well trained and experienced Engineers and Technicians.

Our Terrace cool coating is original thermal insulation we purely import the packed raw material and apply it on your terrace hence we can beat the heat than any other people in India

Our Terrace cool coating imported one from Malaysia we proud for in INDIA we are the one and only company use two component Terrace cool coating system all others are using single component or semi two component method.

Our best service in the industries are Terrace Cool Coating Services, Waterproof Roof Coating, Polyurethane Waterproof Coating, Waterproof Coatings, PU Waterproofing Coating, Summer Cool Roof Coating, Heat Resistant Solar Reflective Roof Coating, Cool Roof Coating Services and etc.

  Following methodologies are most important methodologies which we commonly use after read this below method we hope you won’t select any one simply based on price as price is based on methodology and quality. 

  • Original Two component Thermal Insulation (Terrace Cool coating ).
  • Cheap -Semi two component ( Which means 20kg powder with 1kg chemical).
  • Heat Proof cum leak proof from Malaysian company.
  • 3 In1 Heat Poof cum leak Proof with Anti corrosion coating.
  • Original German Tech Heat Proof on Metal Sheets and Asbestos sheet.

Terrace Cool Coating Services | Summer Cool Roof Coating Contractors

  Hence don’t get cheated by local painters and painting contractors. 

The Original real water proofing contractors and engineers would have registered with Tamilnadu Water Proofing Contractors Association and sales Tax OR service Tax Kindly ask your contractor to show the certificate from TNWPCA so that you can easily avoid duplicate water proofing contractors.


We give 5 years warranty but the client who expects cheap price and cheap quality the warranty may not be applicable. Giving warranty based on the material quality and our real experience with the chemical but beware other local companies are giving warranty blindly to take order from you hence even if you select cheap quality material with cheap price they will give fake warranty for 20 years .


Since there are five methodologies available the price based on methodology and technology not a fixed one anyway we can inform you the approx cost per Square feet.

“The final Discounted /Summer Offer Now Rs 27/Sft for two coats”


The Person Who demand for cheap price and give important only for price can go for Rs 12/S.ft for two coats without warranty OR Rs 18/S.ft for two coats with 2 years warranty.

Our Price are fixed and final hence rest assure you need not to be a best bargainer to finalise with us any children can buy service from us bargaining skill not require here …..

Incase if your attitude is bargain and reduce the price than we would say sorry this company won’t suit for you as being an ISO certified company we don’t believe in keep buffer and reduce the price during bargain..

“The entire above mentioned Price excluding civil works”

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