Textured Wall Finish is a revolutionary concept in wall dressing to provide look better than a flat wall this paint is gaining fast popularity. We offer highly reliable, durable and weather resistance exterior wall texture paints which is available in a number of finishes and effects

Texture Painting available in different packaging they provide everlasting texture, and a decorative finish. Used on interiors as well as exteriors, the textures, both recessed as well as raised, are created with a trowel, roller or a spray gun which can be done by trained painters only not by all painters

Dr.Terrace civil services applying industrial painting and Texture painting aggressively for last 7 years .

Texture painting cannot be considered as a ordinary painting job…. as it need Technical knowledge and experience to ensure the best result kindly don’t call Dr.Terrace for ordinary small painting job which any painter and painting contractor can do it we do only Texture Painting and special paints in both residence, commercial and industrial .

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