Dr.Terrace water proofing is known for industrial “Polyurea coating” since 2002, we have large seize of team which consists energetic well trained and experienced Engineers and Technicians

Even though we deal with all world leading Polyurea chemicals & all the methodology after analyzed the surface type and customer requirement we suggest the suitable one

We use worldwide leading chemical coating to ensure the best result.

Example .


  Any Polyurea require special Machine which cost around 20lakhs hence don’t get quote from local contractors who will not have such a machine as they don’t do this work regularly . 


We give minimum 5 years to maximum 10 years warranty but the client who expects cheap price and cheap quality the warranty may not be applicable. Giving warranty based on the material quality and our real experience with the chemical but beware other local companies are giving warranty blindly to take order from you hence even if you select cheap quality material with cheap price they will give fake warranty for 20 years .


Quotation can be given after discussion.

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